Canaan AvalonMiner 841  

The Canaan AvalonMiner 841  is a 16nm ASIC SHA-256 algorithm miner from Canaan with a maximum hashrate of 13.6Th/s and power consumption of 1290W. It has a hashing efficiency of 0.01054 TH/J.

Model AvalonMiner 841
Power Consumption1290W
Noise level65db
Release April 2018

Background Information

Canaan 'Avalon'
Avalon is a brand and product line from Canaan Creative offering the same name for both bitcoin mining machines and semiconductor chips. Zhang Ng, also known as “ngzhang,” originally created the project.

The Avalon Project successfully developed the world’s first dedicated ASIC chip for bitcoin mining, the Avalon1 A3256, by January 2013. A month later, Avalon announced that it was using the Avalon1 A3256 chip, the Avalon1 3module. The Avalon1 had the equivalent calculating power of the SHA-256 algorithm as the most powerful graphics card at the time, AMD’s HD5970[19] testing showed that the chip was 110 times more powerful than the previous calculating power of FPGA.

Canaan ‘Avalon’ Product Historic Timeline 

ModelRelease dateHashing PowerPower ConsumptionImage
AvalonMiner 102019-331 TH/s 1736W

BTC Price = $17,818.74

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Mineable Coins SHA-256
SHA-256 is a member of the NSA-designed SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions. SHA stands for the algorithm Secure Hash. Cryptographic hash functions are mathematical operations running on digital data; a person can determine the integrity of the data by comparing the computed hash (the output from executing the algorithm) to a known and expected hash value. It is possible to generate a one-way hash from any data piece, but the data can not be generated from the hash.
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