MicroBT Whatsminer M20S  

The Whatsminer M20S  is an ASIC SHA-256 algorithm miner from MicroBT with a maximum hashrate of 70Th/s and power consumption of 3360WIt has a hashing efficiency of 0.02083 TH/J.

Model Whatsminer M20S
ManufacturerMicroBT /strong>
Power Consumption3360W
Chip Size12nm
Noise level75db
Release August 2019

Background Information

MicroBT 'Whatsminer'
Whatsminer is a brand and product line from MicroBT offering the same name for bitcoin mining machines. Yang Zuoxing originally created the project.

After graduating from Tsinghua with a PhD in mechatronics in 2001, he worked on hardware and low-wattage chip designs for companies including Ingenic Semiconductor Co., which is listed in Shenzhen. Yang said he’s been involved in designing crypto mining chips since 2014, including time at ASICMiner and a 15-month stint at Bitmain in which he worked remotely on the company’s Antminer S7 from Shanghai.

Yang Zuoxing was involved in designing Bitmain's market-leading technology but left the company in June 2016 after co-founders Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan rejected his request for a stake in the company. Yang began a month later with his own crypto chip company, MicroBT. He now claims that the mining gear of his company is just as good, if not better, than that of Bitmain.

BTC Price = $8,234.96

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Mineable Coins SHA-256
SHA-256 is a member of the NSA-designed SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions. SHA stands for the algorithm Secure Hash. Cryptographic hash functions are mathematical operations running on digital data; a person can determine the integrity of the data by comparing the computed hash (the output from executing the algorithm) to a known and expected hash value. It is possible to generate a one-way hash from any data piece, but the data can not be generated from the hash.
Bitcoin Cash
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